Why is a logo so important?

A logo is one of the company’s corporate identity. It is a symbol, graphic mark or emblem a company is identified with. To be honest, it is the company’s most important identity. In simple words, “it’s the company’s finger print”. Without it, its as good as your company does not exist.

A logo gives the company’s first impression, telling the customer what it is all about. There are so many types of logo designs. Let me mention abstract and emblem for now. Abstract like the word calls for, has got a detailed hidden meaning. Usually these logos are very simple and clean, but one wonders what it is. Only the company holder and the designer may know what it is. Serious abstract is done by really inspired designers. All what the company marketers or holders does is to give you a comprehensive art brief. Abstract usually uses shapes, lines and colors, but they have a meaning. Follow the following link to see hidden meanings of some logos: https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/famous-brand-logos-hidden-meanings/

Meaningless logos do not usually represent what the company requires. Emblem is a picture or graphic which represent the true values of a company. Usually it is quiet detailed and nothing is hidden unless the company tells you why they choose a certain pictorial.

Logos are suppose to be consistent. If you pick a color, stick to that color. Do not compromise your logo’s quality. We recommend to stick to two or three colors. If you can make it one color the better. Tinodizaina can advise you which color to use depending on the industry you are in. There are colors for seriousness, play, church, etc. Want a logo design for your company? Get hold of us. We can help you with marketing skills if you want some. Tinodizaina will definitely leave nothing to chance when it comes to our customers. Give us a try.